Hario V60 Glass Dripper 03


Hario V60 Glass Dripper 03


Hario V60 03 clear glass pour over dripper with black acrylic handle

Made from glass, for an elegant pour over with great function and form. Because both efficiency and beauty can be achieved all in one.

Brew yourself a rich cup of coffee in Hario’s heat resistant V60 glass, cone-shaped funnel dripper, attached with a removable Black plastic base holder and handle. Its inner spiral ribs allow the ground coffee to expand, extracting optimum flavor for every sip. Because optimum flavor is what we’re always aiming for.

The Hario 03 dripper is larger than its 02 counterpart allowing for brewing in larger mugs, and/or brewing more coffee.

For a lighter taste, quickly pour hot water into the cone shaped paper filter. The taste of coffee varies depending on the flow of water, so experiment for what you like best! It is your taste buds after all.

Use Hario 03 filters

Model: VDG-03B

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