Specialty Coffee Association of America

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We are a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America

The Specialty Coffee Association helps keep us connected to the coffee world, and gives us the opportunity to collaborate and connect with other coffee lovers!



The Roasters Guild

We are an official member of the The Roasters Guild.

"The Roasters Guild (RG) is an official trade guild of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCG) that consists of specialty roasters dedicated to the craft of roasting quality coffee and promotes quality as the principle standard for success."

Roasters Guild

The Columbus Coffee Experience



We are participants of the Columbus Coffee Trail which is hosted by Experience Columbus. The coffee trail takes you through a true Columbus coffee experience, and when you are done you get a free t-shift from Experience Columbus!


Ohio Proud



We are an Ohio Proud certified company! Since all the coffee we roast is processed in our facilities in Columbus, Ohio we are an official Ohio Proud foods company.

Ohio Proud

Experience Columbus

experience columbus



We partner with Experience Columbus to bring you different events around town and are involved in many community activities they host.

Check out local events on their website!



USDA Organic




All of our organic coffees are U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified organic






We are OEFFA Certified Organic!

All of our coffees that are labeled 'Organic' have been certified by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA).

It is important to us to be certified by both USDA and OEFFA, we are a local business, so we are proud to be certified by a local organization!


Ohio Kosher




All of our coffees are Kosher, certified by Ohio - K

Administered by Rabbi William Goldberg and Rabbi David Stavsky.

Our Kosher certificate is #10095775

Ohio Kosher

Swiss Water Process



Our SWP decaf coffees are decaffeinated with the Swiss Water Process (SWP)

The process of decaffeination is performed in small batches, and the caffeine is removed in a gentle, 100% chemical free way. Taking the caffeine out of the coffee and leaving the excellent taste of the coffee bean intact.