Stauf's Summer Passport

Stauf’s Summer Passport 2019


Stauf’s Summer Passport 2019

This Summer we decided to try something new for our customers:

Our very own Summer coffee trail.

Our goal is to provide some fun and cool prizes for you, our customers, this Summer. And to help you explore the city by going to our different coffee shops around town!

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North Market Illustration.jpg
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How it works:
1. Pick up a passport at any of our locations. All shops will have the passports available for you to grab one, and hey grab it for a friend too!

2. Get a stamp at each location with the purchase of your drink. You can only get one stamp per location per drink. If you buy multiple drinks you are free to get stamps on multiple cards for that location, but only for that location.

3. When you have received a stamp at each location and your passport is full turn it in to any of our shops.

4. Get your prize for turning in your passport! Pretty easy, folks!


The nitty gritty details:

• Prizes will rotate weekly and will be announced on social media on Fridays. So check out our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for the week’s prize!

• All turned in passports will be put in a raffle for the end of Summer Grand Prize! So be sure your name and contact info is filled out on the back of the card, so we can contact you if you’re the lucky winner.

• Do the Summer Passport trail as many times as you want throughout the Summer. The more you fill out passports, the more prizes you get! AND the more entries you have in the Grand Prize raffle! A total win-win!

• Grand prize will be announced next week!

  • Our Victorian Village shop is not open *yet* (we are getting very close though!), so the trail will not include that shop until it is open!

    Welcome to your Summer of all things coffee.