Ti Kuan Yin "Iron Goddess of Mercy"


Ti Kuan Yin "Iron Goddess of Mercy"

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Traditional Chinese Oolong 

Dry Aroma: Dry toasted, sweet-earthy notes, with hints of citrus.

Wet Aroma: Distinctive sour, earthy, spicy-wood, orchid, and fresh melon.

Cup: Named after the Chinese Iron Goddess of Mercy ‘Kuan Yin’, Tieguanyin is one of the more popular ‘rolled’ oolongs. It brews an aromatic infusion with a floral taste and chestnut undertones. Rich, woody aroma combines with a full bodied taste and texture. Pale yellow-lemon colored liquor with green luminance, aromatic infusion with orchid and bright grapefruit citrus notes, and a smooth, clean finish. Our newly refreshed offering hails from Fujian, China and the sweet, fruity flavor is a wonderful compliment to this classic tea.  

Directions: Use 2 grams (1 rounded tsp) per 6oz of 185-190 degree water steeped for 3-4 minutes and allowing for 2-4 additional extraction, but adjust by raising the water temperature and extend the steep time. 

Makes a wonderful cold brewed iced tea, where a toasted note develops. 

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