Limited Coffee Offerings

We have limited, micro-roast batch offerings from all over the world that exhibit unique and exciting flavor profiles

costa Rica la pira de dota

Costa Rica La Pira de Dota


Cup: Fruity and sweet with toffee and brown sugar, high acidity and a clean finish. 

Origin: Costa Rica

Method: Washed, Honey Process

Roast: Full City

Buy now $25/lb


Yemen Haraaz - Special Red


Cup: Tropical Fruit, mango, hops, sweet pineapple, piney and tart with a chocolate finish. 

Origin: Yemen

Method: Sun-dried on raised beds

Roast: Full City 

Buy now $36/lb

Colombia coffee

Mexico Altura Chiapas - FT/O


Cup: Toffee, peanut, and milk chocolate notes with a bright citric acidity. 

Origin: Mexico, Chiapas - El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve

Method: Fully washed, Sun-dried - Shade grown

Roast: Full city

Notes: Fair Trade, Organic

Buy now $22/lb

Yemen Haraaz

Colombia Huila


Cup: Rich caramel accompanied by sweet stone fruit notes, medium body and bright acidity. 

Origin: Colombia, Finca El Paraiso

Method: Washed, Sun-dried

Roast: Full city

Buy now $23/lb

Mexico Altura chiapas
Coffee- javaaa.jpg

Java Blue Batavia


Cup: Citrus fruit, ginger, and smooth herbal flavors.

Origin: Java

Method: Wet hulled

Roast: Full city

Buy now $20/lb