Limited Coffee Offerings

We have limited, micro-roast batch offerings from all over the world that exhibit unique and exciting flavor profiles


Hawaiian Kona.jpg

Hawaiian Kona

The Hawaiian Kona is one of our most rare microlots.

We purchase very small batches once a year and roast them to full city to achieve the very best flavors from this unique bean.

Cup: Very smooth and balanced with a medium body and a hint of tropical fruit.

Origin: Kona, Hawaii

Roast: Full City

Buy now $52/lb


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Beriti Tore – Natural Process

Cup: Sweet with winey acidity and a heavy body pairs notes of berries and cocoa with cherry and juniper.

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Process: Natural

Roast: Full City

Buy now $28/lb

Ethiopia Guji Oromia(1).jpg

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Washed

Cup: Hints of lemongrass, tea and cascara. Delicate citrus notes meet bright berry notes on the finish.

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Roast: Full City

Buy now $25/lb


Honduras BECAMO El Pino

Cup: Velvety body with a tangy acidity. Notes of toffee, almond, cinnamon, and red fruit.

Origin: Becamo, Honduras - El Pino farm

Roast: Full City

Buy now $22/lb

Hondura BECAMO el Pino.jpg

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Cup: This rare coffee is silky smooth and well-balanced cup with an excellent full body and refined mild taste. Finishes with sweet nutty undertones and an almost creamy finish.

Origin: Jamaica

Roast: Full City

Buy now $65/lb


Java Majalengka Sunda

Cup: Sweet cup with tart citric acidity and a smooth mouth-feel. Big-bodied with notes of caramel, lemon, and roasted vegetable notes.

Origin: Majalengka, Java

Roast: Full City

Buy now $26/lb

Java Majalengka Sunda.jpg
Nicaragua Finca Bethania.jpg

Nicaragua Finca Bethania – Honey Process

Cup: Citric and mild with cocoa flavor and an herbal aftertaste.

Origin: Finca, Nicaragua

Process: Honey

Roast: Full City

Buy now $24/lb


Rwanda Vunga

Cup: Delicate, tea-like, body with a bright acidity. Lemony citrus notes are paired with tropical fruit flavors and spice.

Origin: Vunga, Rwanda

Roast: Full City

Buy now $24/lb

Rwanda Muraho Vunga.jpg