Limited Coffee Offerings

We have limited, micro-roast batch offerings from all over the world that exhibit unique and exciting flavor profiles

Burundi Butera coffee

Burundi Kayanza - Butera

Cup: Syrupy body with a sweet and fruity aroma. Notes of citrus, cherry, and candied apple.

Origin: Butera, Burundi

Roast: Full City

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Colombia Best of Cauca Blend

**special select blend from 46 different farmers in the southern region of Colombia**

Cup: Floral nose with a lemon-lime acidity that pairs with a creamy body and finishes with hints of chocolate.

Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Roast: Full City

Buy now $23/lb

colombia best of cauca.png
Ethiopia Guji.jpg

Ethiopia Guji Oromia - Natural Process

Cup: Silky body with a bright and winey acidity. Strong notes of blueberry, pomegranate, and dark chocolate.

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Roast: Full City

Buy now $23/lb


Costa Rica Las Machas – Natural Process

Cup: Winey fruit with floral, caramel, and citrus hues and an herbal aftertaste. Big acidity pairs with a sweet cup and smooth finish.

Origin: Las Machas, Costa Rica

Roast: Full City

   Buy now $28/lb

Costa Rica_18.jpg
Costa Rica_16.jpg

Costa Rica Flor Del – Geisha Red Honey Process

Cup: Caramelized sugar notes pair with strong hints of honey and other dried fruits.Finishes creamy and has a surprisingly smooth finish with a relatively low acidity.

Origin: Flor Del, Costa Rica

Roast: Full City

Buy now $54/lb


Tanzania Ngila Estate AA – Honey Process

Cup: Rich sweetness with big winey fruit acidity and a syrupy thick mouthfeel. Very fruity with chocolate, cherry, and raisin flavors.

Origin: Ngila, Tanzania

Roast: Full City

Buy now $24/lb


Panama La Gloria Estate

Cup: Milk chocolate, toffee, soft strawberry and nutty undertones. Winey acidity with a clean and delicate profile.

Origin: Panama

Roast: Full City

Buy now $24/lb