Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton

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hario ceramic mill skerton.jpeg

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton


The Hario Skerton Mill is the ideal hand grinder for the coffee enthusiast on the go, or the frugal home enthusiast. It comes with a lid to keep beans in the hopper and an anti-slip base cover (which helps keep the mill stable while grinding). The Skerton Mill holds 100 grams of ground coffee.


-The burr is made from ceramic and the metal parts are made of steel. All parts can be washed.

-The advantage of a ceramic burr is the avoidance of a metallic scent and that it will not rust. Like a metal burr, it is durable and will provide consistent performance.

-When the lid is in place, the container can be used to store ground coffee (up to 100 grams). The burr unit can be placed onto the lid for storage in a compact space.

-Dishwasher Safe


-Glass Bowl: Heatproof glass (heatproof temperature difference 120 degrees Celsius.)

-Burr: Ceramic

-Grip, Hopper, Cap: Polypropylene

-Anti-slip Cover: Silicone

-Locking screw, Grind adjustment nut, Handle, Stopper: Stainless Steel

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