Coffee & Specialty Coffee Expo 2019

Specialty Coffee Expo 2019

Our trip to Boston for the The Specialty Coffee Expo, or Coffee Expo for short, has come and gone.

We’ve come home with countless ideas and serious caffeine withdrawal after consuming 10+ cups of coffee a day for three straight days.

This year four of us from the Stauf’s Crew were honored to make the trip to Boston.

A few of our highlights outside of the Coffee Expo include walking the Freedom Trail until our feet hurt, eating New England Clam Chowder at the Quincy Market, taking the T everywhere (including places we didn’t want to go, by accident!), and eating all the pastries Boston is famous for.

The highlights from inside the Coffee Expo could be an endless list, but we’ll narrow it down to our top favorites for you.


Serving our Coffee at the Marco Booth


On Saturday morning we had the pleasure of serving some of our coffee at the Marco booth.

We sampled some of our favorite roasts, by brewing them up on the Marco P90 pour over system. We use this system at our Franklinton and Discovery District shops, so we were already pros at it!

We had a blast introducing people to our coffee roasted in Columbus and getting to chat about our favorite topic (coffee!) with other Coffee Expo guests. A big thanks to Marco for having us!


Trying out new Slayer Espresso Machines


Over the weekend we were able to meet up with our friends at Slayer and test out some of their new machines.

We have an espresso machine from Slayer in our Franklinton shop, and were scoping one out for our newest shop in Victorian Village.

We got the chance to try out some of their new machines, and we were blown away with some of the cool, new gadgets involved! We can be big nerds when it comes to our espresso machines, and these ones had us pretty stoked.

We love the Slayer for the unique ways their machines work, and in the end the Slayer Steam LP was our number one pick!


Learning about Seasonal Cold Brew Flavoring

iced coffee for blog.jpg

Ideas for Cold Brew Flavoring

During the Coffee Expo we attended a short workshop about cold brew coffee flavor pairings, and tips on making flavor choices that our customers will love.

We learned about changing things up in Spring, Summer and Fall; which taught us how to keep our recipes exciting and fresh throughout cold brew season.

We took home loads of ideas and inspiration, and we can’t wait to share them with you guys in the coming months!

The Specialty Coffee Expo was an all around success, and a fantastic weekend filled with learning new tricks of the trade, incredible ideas, and excessive amounts of caffeine. We are grateful to be able to learn more about our passion— coffee— and to be able to pass our knowledge on to our customers.

Now we’re back to slinging coffee in our Columbus shops, right where we belong!