Wild Vietnamese Rose Congou


Wild Vietnamese Rose Congou

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Stauf's Tea House Blend

Dry Aroma: Delicate rose, soft chocolate, and sweet tannin.

Wet Aroma:. Floral, carob, and faint cedar hints.

Cup: In the Northern tea region of Ha Giang, in North Vietnam, there grows special old growth tea trees known as ‘shan tea’. Abandoned and rediscovered, there is a pilot project to help maintain and preserve these rare tea forests, and for the last few years Stauf’s has been supporting this project by sourcing and sharing this rare wild harvested tea.

Beautifully long, twisted and knotted, the leaves produce a delicate, naturally rose scented cup that hints at chocolate and fragrant wood. Difficult to over extract and amazingly smooth, each cup is a graceful balance of subtle and exotic.  

We carefully hand blend these amazing leaves with organic Red Rose petals and organic Calendula flowers, to draw out and impart an additional savory and floral note.

A wonderful gift for any tea drinker and certainly a special cup for a cozy, morning on Valentine’s day. 

Directions: 2 grams of tea (1 ½ tbsp) per 12oz. of 200 degree water steeped for 3-4 minutes. Avoid over-steeping for a smoothly expressive cup. Expect 2-3 steeps. Also makes a smooth, gently floral and exotic cold brew iced tea.

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