Tropical Dragon


Tropical Dragon

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Signature Blend

Dry Aroma: Sweet, fruity, hint of fresh mango and citrus.

Wet Aroma: Stewed fruit, oceanic, and hint of tart, fruity spice. 

Leaf: Darkly oxidized OP grade Ceylon black tea, calendula flower threads, rosehips, and hibiscus flowers.

Cup: A lush, fruity aroma rises from a watermelon-hued liquor with drifting tendrils of deeper red. Initially tart and citrus notes give way to a lush, juicy body with a sweet and mango accented finish. Very forgiving on longer steeps, this tea will become even more exotic the longer it sits, allowing the bright hibiscus and earthy rosehips to flourish. Great as iced tea.

Directions: Try steeping 3 grams (1 rounded tsp) per 6oz of 200 degree water for 3-4 minutes.

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