Ohio Thunder Chai


Ohio Thunder Chai

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Ceylon Black Tea - Orange Pekoe with Masala Spices

Dry: Cinnamon, clove, soft pepper and cardamom accents, hints of spiced pear and ginger.

Wet: Clove, pepper, soft fruit and tannins, with undertone of cinnamon.

Leaf: Extremely large, fully oxidized leaves, olive-green cardamom pods, whole dark cloves, bright-nearly white ginger shards, black peppercorns, and cardamom pieces. The green and white is vibrant and dances against the darkness of the tea and the more subdued spices. Visually striking and appealing.

Cup: Smooth balance of crisp tea flavors, palate lingering and warming spices, and cleansing tannins. Light spicy finish with a hint of fruitiness.

Directions: Steep 1 Tbsp of tea (3g) per 8oz. in 210 degree water for 3-4 minutes. Great to drink on its own and offers 2-3 extractions. Very difficult to over-extract. For a more traditional take, add 1/3 milk, soy, or almond milk per measure of tea and add ½ tsp per 8oz. of raw sugar or 1 tsp of honey.

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