Stauf's Brisk Black


Stauf's Brisk Black

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Black tea - Signature Blend

Dry: Carob, white clay, dry earth, tannic, sweet.

Wet: Woody, peachy-stone fruit, biscuity, earth.

Leaf: Reddish sienna, dark umber, mix of fine broken leaves to fuller, fully oxidized.

Cup: Deep, brick red, burnt sienna liquor, with pumpkin-hued legs and slightly greenish cast. Very mild cup fragrance, moderate body with textured mouth feel and oceanic, clean finish. Sweet citrus notes linger on the back of the finish as well as notes of cedar, carob, and a drying astringency that clean the palate and sets the stage for the next sip. Leaves a velvety feel on the tongue and is a rapid extractor.

Directions: Use 3 grams per 7oz in 200 degree water, steeped for 2-3 minutes. For iced tea, use 1oz per gallon and either cold steep for 8 hours, or hot bath in ½ gallon for 3-4 minutes and dilute with equal amount of ice.   

Notes: This could also be used as a ‘house’ English Breakfast as it holds up well hot as a clean, mildly tannic and textured cup. 

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