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Sakuma Bros. Oolong Tea


Dry Aroma: Cinnamon, toasted oats, spice, and sweet corn.

Wet Aroma: Complex fruity aroma with toasted almonds.

Cup: Bright yellow-green olive oil hued liquor. A fragrant cup that hints at its exotic nutty and cinnamon flavors; it has a creamy, smooth body that has a clean, refreshing character. Flavors of almond and cinnamon meld into a toasty nutty profile, with the lingering finish hinting of fruit and eucalyptus. A soft, velvety mouth feel grows with repeated sips.

Directions: Use 3g per 10oz. and steep in 180-190 degree water steeped for 3 minutes. Relatively impervious to over-steeping you can expect 2-4 extractions.

Package: 1oz. Reclosable Bag
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