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Sakuma Bros. Green Tea

Origin: USA

Dry Aroma: Dried cherries, brown sugar, and raw hulled barley and brown rice.

Wet Aroma: Pistachio and fresh-picked spinach.

Cup: Pale, lemon-yellow liquor. Fine reddish-orange particulate resembling a pollen that lightly floats in suspension. The texture of the cup is ever so perceptibly granular, but the strong nutty flavor and slightly mineral aspect to the finish masks the perception that the tea is anything but smooth. There is a very fresh mineral, citrus, and fruit dominate flavor, fading into a clear lime finish that grows as the tea cools. It finishes with a sweet and tart cleanliness that is pleasant, and this intensifies with following steeps. A faint flavor of almonds and fruity yuzu lingers in the finish.

Directions: Use 3g per 10oz. and steep in 185-190 degree water for 3 minutes. Relatively impervious to over-steeping, you can expect 2-4 extractions.

Package: 1oz. Reclosable Bag
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