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Year of the Monkey Tea Sampler

StaufsTea House is proud to offer this fantastic sampler to celebrate 2016, with a special tribute to the Chinese Year of the Monkey!

Golden Monkey Black Tea (1oz.)

Dry Aroma Citrus, roasted corn

Wet Aroma: Sweet, nutty, spice

Cup: A rusty, reddish umber hued liquor - sweet and juicy with firm tannins and a front note of malt and dried apricots, toffee, and cedar, with a gently finishing hint of Ceylon cinnamon. Difficult to over extract, and a complex, nuanced, dynamic cup. 

Directions: Use 3 grams (2 tsp) per 6oz. of 200 degree water, steeped for 3-4 minutes. Expect 2-3 extractions. 

White Monkey Green Tea (1oz.)

Dry Aroma: Pistachio, nutty, sweet

Wet Aroma: Tart, oceanic, bright

Cup: Pale greenish-golden liquor. Moderate-to-light bodied, fragrant and crisp, with a nutty pistachio front, snow pea nuanced finish, and a growing floral-gardenia flavor that lingers against the tart and mild astringency. Delicate and flavorful. 

Directions: Use 3 grams (2 tsp) per 8oz. of 190 degree water, steeped for 2-3 minutes. 

Monkey King, Taiping Hou Kui, Rare Green Tea (1/2oz.)

Dry Aroma: Mineral

Wet Aroma: Kombu, sea salt

Cup: Translucent pale lemony, greenish liquor. A surprisingly creamy body blushes with delicately sweet orchid and edamame flavors. A citrus lime zest and yuzu finish, hints at under-ripe pineapple, and the tea offers at least 3-5 extractions, and with each sip, there is a long, lingering aftertaste that gently grows. A wonderful tea to sit down with and explore.

Directions: Use 4-6 leaves per 8oz. of 190 degree water, steeped for 2-3 minutes. 

Golden Monkey Special Reserve Black Tea (1oz.)

Dry Aroma: Woody, dry spice

Wet Aroma: Sweet hay, citrus

Cup: Brassy orange liquor with a soft malty aroma. Flavors of tart burnt orange, pomello, and sun dried tomato merge with a leather, textured body that fades to a soft spice note. Reminiscent of teas from Yunnan and a perfect cup for those who like a more intense experience. 

Directions: Use 3 grams (2 tsp) per 8oz. of 200 degree water, steeped for 3-4 minutes.