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Bodum Bora Bora Thermo Tea Press

Capacity: .51 liter, 17oz

Chrome lid

Winner of two prestigious design awards: the 2006 iF Design award andthe 2005 Formland design award, Bodum’s new Bora Bora Double Wall TeaPress will keep your tea hotter for longer. Handmade of borosilicateglass, the double wall construction has thermal properties that keeptea hot for a much longer period of time while remaining cool to thetouch. Incorporating Bodum’spatented tea press system, the Bora Bora allows you to brew your teauntil it reaches your desired strength; then with the press of aplunger, completely stop the brewing process. The infuser eliminates“stewed” or bitter tea by separating the tea leaves from the water.
The Bora Bora also features a dishwasher safe stainless steel teainfuser, which allows for a continuous flow of water through the teaand with proper use will last a lifetime!

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